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  • I have the decks and I have the Kaplan material but nothing compares to preparing for the new version of the NBDE part I like Crack the NBDE. Their mock exams were great at showing me which subjects were my strengths and weaknesses.
    Callisto Rojas
    University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • This unique course has truly helped me achieve a thorough understanding of what to expect from NBDE 1 and how to be proactive on dealing with various issues like time management. I honestly recommened it to those who need that extra edge!
    Ishrat Naurine
    Baqai Med University, Pakistan
  • Crack the NBDE is worth every single penny. It is the actual simulation of the test and I highly recommend this to anybody who is planning to take the test. I was astonished to see many direct questions from their tests, questions which were not to be seen in any other test samples. From all the test preparatory material I had, Crack the NBDE has proven to be the best.
    Mandeep Sidhu
    Manipal College of Dental Surgery in Nepal, India
  • In my opinion, Crack the NBDE is one of the best tools that I have used, because not only did it give me confidence that I needed to feel comfortable on the computerized test, but it helped me to review the material. It was a convenient and easy to handle software package. Whilst it has no expiration, and has free updates, the package can only be used on one computer, so be careful when chosing desktop or laptop!
    Shareena Ilyas
    University of London
  • I just started to work with the program and i'm already addicted to it. I recommend Crack the NBDE. It is easy to navigate throught the program yourself, it works fast. There is no junk all over the screen, questions and answers are clear and easy to read. There is no dout it is worth what i paid. I appreciate the support group for their help, these guys know what they are doing. 100% deal!!!
    Ekaterina Golombisky
    Miass Medical School, Russia
  • This is a software that can help you understand how the exam works and it's really like taking the exam when you are at home using it. It really help me realize and pinpoint the subjects where i was weak in. Try it for yourself.
    Maria Lan
    University of the East, Philippine
  • I have been preparing for the NBDE Part 1 for the last couple of months. Crack the NBDE is a very useful tool if one wants to prepare effectively for the exam. It's helping me a lot and I will recommend it to others.
    Punit Rastogi
    Rohtak Dental College, India
  • I had spent month's trying to find something to help me with the National Board Dental Examination and had no luck,until I happen to stumble onto the crack the NBDE.It has truly been the best way get ready for the exam and a great boost in confidence knowing that I am so well prepared.The program is so easy to use your only problem will be getting off the computer.
    Luisa Gongora
  • I am about to take the NBDE part 1 for the second time. I participated in study groups, used the Dental Decks, and practice exams. I thought I was ready. After using Crack the NBDE, I feel so much more prepared than the first time. I have already recommended it to all of my colleagues who are about to take the exam.
    Mario Calvo
    Colombian School of Dentistry
  • Great program, great support team, and definitely worth the price! It's a great simulation of the real computer based NBDE part 1. I strongly recommend it if you want to be ready on the day of the exam.
    Samer Khayat
    Boston University
  • Crack the NBDE has been one of the best things that happened to me before my exam. It is comprehensive, easy-to-use and just such a confidence builder. Its a great tool to round off your exam prep - helps you get a real sense of the exam, the distribution of questions by subject and a perfect way to guage your readiness for the actual test. It's been invaluable to me and I wish I knew about it much earlier on.
    Radhika Katragunta
    University of Kentucky
  • This is a very special way for preparing your NBDE, you have to try it you won't regret it. It's as if you were in the prometric center and having the test. You'll find a lot of new questions which could help you to really crack the NBDE.
    Muriel Germany
    University of Saint Joseph in Beirut, Lebanon
  • A great tool in my opinion. NBDE Part I is a serious test and computerized timed exams aren't for everyone. Crack the NBDE is aware of this and tries to help prepare you for THE day. Do well. Score High. Give Crack the NBDE a try.
    Cindy Chang
    University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
  • I took the Crack the NBDE Part 1 exams on my computer and it was very helpful. Their online support is very good. Would recommend every friend of mine to try this!
    Divyashree Sreeramaiah
    M S Ramaiah Dental College in Bangalore, India
  • Thank you Crack the NBDE! I have been preparing to take the NBDE Part 1 for the 3rd time. I went through ASDA test books and Dental Decks, but when I got Crack the NBDE, I feel more confident now and ready for my test. The software was so easy to download and your team has the best customer service.
    Eduardo Lopez
    Cuahutemoc University, Puebla Mexico

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